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Тест на знание английского языка. Укажите корректный ответ к каждому из вопросов
1. Hi, I … Jane Rotell, a friend of Alice’s.
2. Do you play cricket? Yes, I …
3. Yesterday, she … to London for a day of sightseeing.
4. John is … boy in our class.
5. I … here in Spain for two weeks now and I … a really good time.
6. … two rings here on my little finger belonged to … grandmother.
7. … boots were where they left them.
8. Don’t drink so much tea, it’s bad … your stomach.
9. Mike is afraid … spiders.
10. She … very well but her sister cooked much better when I … her.
11. The storm continued for … of the days when we were in New Orleans, but fortunately there wasn’t … damage in the city.
12. The first tools … in Africa two million years ago.
13. The driver, … was hurt in the accident, has been taken to hospital.
14. They tried … the car but it was too heavy
15. What … to Phil? He said he … here at eight o’clock.
16. If I … the same problems you had as a child, I might not have succeeded in life as well as you have.
17. If I … earlier, we … better seats
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